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For driver-guide: One-day Akagera National Park Game Drive with 09h00 Ihema boat ride



One-day Akagera, with 09h00 Ihema boat ride

Friday, March 17, 2023.

Name: John Richardson

Number of people: Four

Pick-up: 05h00, 2000 Hotel, Kigali.

Special requirements: N/A

1.    To be paid by guest: Park entry. Guest informed.

2.    Paid by Countryside Tours: Vehicle, boat ride paid, Akagera Transit Lodge picnic lunch, See attachments


Kigali City Sightseeing, Be at Countryside at 08h15

Date: Tomorrow Tuesday, 25 July 2023
Guest: Catello Landolfi

Number: Two

Pick-up: 10h00
Kigali Marriott Hotel

Special requirements: N/A

Note: Inspect well to make sure vehicle is very clean, in and out.

For guest: One-day Akagera National Park Game Drive with 09h00 Ihema boat ride

Good day dear John Richardson! 

Thank you for your booking of One-day Akagera Game Drive with Pop-up Roof Safari Car and Ihema Boat Ride with us for Friday, March 17, 2023. 

I would also like to share with you the preparatory message for the safari. 

Documents to take with you: 
-    Passport 
-    Akagera requires a negative Covid-19 rapid test taken within 72 hours from a Rwandan medical clinic. Please share with me your result for confirmation as soon you get it. Based on the safari schedule, you can do the Covid-19 test any time from now

Pick-up: 05h10, 2000 Hotel, KN 82 St, Kigali.


Aspects of the reservation are as follows: 
1. Our driver-guide will be at the pick-up place, identifiable with a vehicle with Countryside Tours-Rwanda side signs. 

2. Picnic lunch from Akagera Transit Lodge. Please pre-order from this menu for ordering in advance: 3


Reaching the vehicle, you will be able to connect to the Internet WiFi, Password: Countrysid3
In case of issues in connection or different credentials, please ask the driver-guide directly assist you.

Some areas of Akagera have tsetse flies and they sometimes do bite while traveling. 
Recommended equipment: In addition to insect repellent, it is recommended to wear medium weight fabric shirts and pants in neutral colors that blend into the background environment (khaki savannah or similar). Colors identical to the surroundings make you less visible to flies. 


The following items are included in the package: 
•    Private transport on a Pop-up roof safari car 
•    Admission: Boat ride in Ihema lake 
•    A driver-guide by Countryside Tours-Rwanda 
•    Lunch - Akagera Transit Lodge picnic lunch. Please order. 
•    Bottled water 
•    Pick-up and drop-off anywhere in Kigali city

What's not included 
•    The entrance fee to Akagera National Park: USD 100 for non-resident foreigners, USD 50 for Africans and Rwandan residents, USD 15 for East Africans and Rwandans. They do not accept cash but they accept credit cards on arrival. 
•    If opted Akagera National Park guide, additional fee, $40 
•    Covid-19 test done in Rwanda within 72 hours to the visit time, Rapid: Rwf 5,000.

Next: Please forward us: 
- The picnic lunch option(s) 
- The passport identification page(s) and visa(s) for pre-registration


We look forward to being with you soon. 

Olivier Kanyabikali

Hello ATL!

Order, 07h00, Tomorrow Fri 23rd June 2023, PAID BY COUNTRYSIDE TOURS-RW.

George +250788412335
1 x Tuna fish sandwich

3 x  Chicken sandwich



Tasks for trip preparation. Please put all in the Tasks for trip preparation folder and report

1. Guide preparatory message
2. Akagera reservation
3. Akagera registration form
4. Lunch order to ATL
5. Purchase code for Akagera Management Company
6. Trip payment calculation
7. Trip payment request message
8. Trip payment PoP in the folder

Cancellation and cancellation fees
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