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Preparatory Message

Akagera Game Drive Adventure

Dear Guest,

Thank you for considering one of our Akagera safaris. This text serves as the preparatory message for the safari. 

Documents to take with you:
- Passport


Aspects of the reservation are as follows:
1. Pick-up time:
 05h10 for one day with boat ride, 05h40 for one day without boat ride, 08h40 for more than one day, or a specific timing as precommunicated. Our driver-guide will be at the pick-up place, identifiable with a vehicle with Countryside Tours-Rwanda side signs.

2. One-day package included picnic lunch from Akagera Transit Lodge, for one day packages. Please pre-order from this menu: 3

Two and three-day package included picnic lunch from Akagera Game Lodge, or an other accommodation. Please pre-order at the venue the evening of the first day and the evening of the second day accordingly.

3. The vehicle Internet WiFi password: Countrysid3
In case of issues in connection or different credentials, please ask the driver-guide directly assist you.


Note: Some areas of Akagera have tsetse flies and they sometimes bite while traveling.


Recommended equipment:

In addition to insect repellent, it is recommended to wear medium weight fabric shirts and pants in neutral colors that blend into the background environment (savannah khaki or similar). Colors identical to the surroundings make you less visible to flies.

We look forward to being with you soon.


With Us, You Explore Better!

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