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Preparatory Message

The Cool Volcanoes National Park Adventures

Dear Guest,

Thank you for considering one of our safaris. This text serves as the preparatory message for the safari. 

Documents to take with you:
- Passport
- A Covid-19 test done in Rwanda within 72 hours with results uploaded at (mobile view allowed). Please share the results with Countryside Tours-Rwanda via WhatsApp  +250790009064 or

For mountain gorillas, golden monkeys, all primates, Required negative PCR Covid-19 result obtained within 72 hours. Please share with me the PCR Covid-19 result as soon as you get it. The SARS-CoV-2 RT-PCR COVID-19 testing is done at RBC Gikondo Branch at the Office of Vaccination Program on KK 6 Ave.

Name of the location: RBC Vaccine Preventable Disease Program
Google map location:

For Bisoke hike and other non-primate activities, Rapid test required, taken within 72 hours, USD 5 at least 24 hours before. Please contact us for current guidance.

Aspects of the reservation are as follows:
1. Pick-up time:
As pre-communicated via email or WhatsApp. Our driver-guide will be at the pick-up place, identifiable with a vehicle with Countryside Tours-Rwanda side signs.

• Raincoats (coats, pants)
• Hiking gaiters: To protect the lower part of legs
• Hand gloves: To protect against stinging plants, sometimes encountered in the park
• Hiking boots. As a precaution, it is advised to bring a pair of clean shoes and clothes to change on return from trekking. Often, it rains a lot and I can get very muddy. The above items can also be rented $5 each on site, at your discretion before the visit.

3. The vehicle Internet WiFi password: Countrysid3
In case of issues in connection or different credentials, please ask the driver-guide directly assist you.

Note: Some areas of Akagera have tsetse flies and they sometimes bite while traveling.

We look forward to being with you soon.

Best regards,

With Us, You Explore Better!

With Us, You Explore Better!

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