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Memorable-Kivu lake & Nyungwe Chimps Adventure

It was a great experience during the the Two-day Kivu lake and Nyungwe Chimps Adventure. At first Countryside Tours - Rwanda guests enjoyed the water trip in the calm and refreshing waters of Kivu lake, hiked Napoleon island to reach its best #Kivu lake view, thanks to Cotralaki Kivu Tourism. In the evening, our guests experienced the traditional fishing experience in the south-west part of Kivu lake, courtesy of Abagi Fishing Cooperative, before heading to #Cyamudongo natural forest for #chimpanzees trekking the next day. Thank you Cyamudongo Tourism Promotion Cooperative for entertaining our guests while sharing the Rwandan traditional culture. Traditional butter extradition from cow's milk was enjoyable and guests enjoyed participating in the handicraft making. Tea leave harvesting with the beautiful tea scenery in the remote mountains of #Rwanda was also not missed. And finally, the monkeys pose for goodbye alongside the highway in #Nyungwe National Park on the way back to Kigali. With Us, You Explore Better!

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